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Summer Therapy!

Posted by Sadie Weller on August 17, 2014 at 5:00 PM Comments comments (382)

Hello! How are you all? Those with children – I hope the summer break has been (and continues to be!), a fun and special time!

Whether you have children or not, the summer holiday season can be a very busy time. Colleagues are off and the workload may well increase, a nice break can often cause stress before and after (packing, passports, managing work before you go and after you return etc.), a rainy day with children who just want to go out can be tiring. Sometimes, life is just busy.

We all have problems to deal with and solve, issues that impact on our valuable family time, work deadlines, financial pressures – the list can go on…..!

All these pressures can lead to some element of stress. If this is ringing true to you, then get yourself booked in for some therapy with “Pure Escape Holistic Therapies” - Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reiki, Ear Candles - or maybe you fancy a soothing facial or a "bacial" (a back treatment (called "Back to Calm" with Pure Escape). Whatever you book, it will give you that valuable time to switch off. Have a look at the therapies on offer, or devise your own. The one hour treatment of half massage and half Reiki is a popular choice!


You don't need to talk to me unless you want to, so use the time to not have to think about conversation, and really clear your mind.

If you can't get in for a treatment, then a little bit of TLC to the Solar Plexus area can do wonders. Place your hands over the area (above the navel, below the heart) and rest the hands there for a while. The colour yellow relates to the solar plexus chakra, so try visualising the opening of a yellow flower, or a lovely light spinning over the area. Breathe long, deep breathes and relax the mind. Wearing something yellow can help and if you like crystals (as I do), then any of the yellow coloured crystals could help (try topaz, citrine or amber). Hold the crystal over the solar plexus, or just keep one nearby to hold onto in the palm of your hand when stressful situations occur, and try to close your mind to the ill effects of stress. The mind can be a most powerful tool.

Until my next post - stay happy, and remember where I am if you need some therapeutic therapy :-)








Love a good Foot Massage?

Posted by Sadie Weller on February 21, 2013 at 6:15 AM Comments comments (24)

I was qualified in the wonderful therapy of Thai Foot Massage some years ago, but through ongoing research, I relalised things had advanced (I originally learned the technique slightly differently).  A refresher course was therefore booked and Thai Foot Massage is now offered again by Pure Escape. :-)

Thai Foot Massage is a wonderful therapy, treating the whole body through the feet (a bit like the principles of Reflexology, although I am not claming to be a reflexologist).  It is different to Reflexology in that Thai Foot massage works on the Sen lines (energy lines) of the legs aswell as using a Thai sick to stimulate the refex points on the feet.  Thai massage moves are also used to increase flexibility of the feet, ankles and legs.  Through these varying techniques, the treatment treats the whole body.

Please take a look at the web page for further information.  www.pure-escape.co.uk

A special offier will be posted out on Facebook and Twitter soon, so watch this space!  If you havent already liked my Facebook page, then please do, as most updates are put there first ;-)

Use this link for my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pureescapetherapies, and follow me on Twitter @pure_escape

Many Thanks.

Sadie x

Advanced Massage Techniques by Pure Escape

Posted by Sadie Weller on January 16, 2013 at 10:00 AM Comments comments (17)

New Massage Techniques Available!

Pure Escape has been studying some extra techniques and has attended Accredited Practitioner training over the past few months, to be able to offer clients that little bit extra.

Massages with Pure Escape now reach new levels, with pain and tightness being addressed through specialised techniques, not readily available with very many other local therapists.

Both MYOFASCIAL RELEASE and DEEP TISSUE/NEUROMUSCULAR and TRIGGER POINT THERAPY are now available and automatically combined within a massage treatment, after consultation and agreeent with the client.  The massage is booked by the time you require (from 30 - 90 minutes), and the techniques used are bespoke to your requirements.  There are no surcharges for these advanced techniques, making previously more expensive therapies available to all who need them.

Pure Escape believes that every client deserves to receive the right treatment for their needs, without the barriers of extra costs.

Welcome to a new way of massage.......

Please see the Massage Therapy Page for full price details.  

Full details of the new massage styles are outlined below:


Myofascial Release is the new “buzz” word in Massage and Bodywork.  Myofascial Release is a powerful method of releasing pain and tension in the body.

This specialised treatment aims to release restrictions within the connective tissue, enabling stuck, hardened and dehydrated areas to become soft and pliable and to re-introduce movement within the body, allowing a complete release all the way to cellular level.  Myofascial release is a hands-on massage technique that stretches muscles and applies the necessary pressure to the fascia to relieve tension and, of course, pain. Myofascial release promotes the lengthening of the fascia, so that muscles are encouraged to go back to their original and natural position, function, and length.

Fascia is the soft tissue part of the connective tissue and provides support and protection for most structures within the human body, including muscle (Myofascia). However due to overuse, trauma, infection, inactivity and disease this soft tissue can become restricted. This frequently results in pain, muscle tension and reduced blood flow.

Furthermore, irritation of fascia, or muscle, causes inflammation, and if this continues and becomes chronic it can result in fibrosis, or thickening of the connective tissue. This thickening causes pain and irritation creating a cycle which can result in ischemia (reduced blood flow) and somatic dysfunction. Myofascial techniques aim to break this cycle through a variety of methods acting on multiple stages of the cycle.

Regular myofascial release may help to improve posture counter-act muscle soreness and increase flexibility, and help with a variety of conditions some of which are listed below:

Back Pain

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Frozen Shoulder



Neck Pain

Physical Stress

Postural Irregularities

Psychological Stress




Sports Injuries


Old injuries may also be helped with myofascial release, as the pliability of scar tissue can be increased in tendons and muscles. Breathing, stress levels, balance, and flexibility can also all be improved with this technique.

Releasing the problematic fascia can sometimes take time. This can be a slow, yet very rewarding, process. Some people can feel disheartened when they do not experience noticeable positive results after 1 or 2 sessions. It is important to remain patient during this process. Tension should be greatly reduced after a few in-depth sessions.

Soreness and aching may occur after a session and drinking lots of water can help to relieve this problem.



Deep Tissue Massage is perhaps one of the best and most effective ways to treat pain and injury. It uses firm-pressure designed to release tight layers of muscle and tissue, which usually develops from bad posture, injury or overuse. Restoring movement in the soft tissues alleviates pain, muscle spasm and stress from the problematic area.

What conditions is deep tissue massage used for?

Deep tissue massage is very effective in treating chronic problems such as stiff necks, strained or twisted shoulder muscles, areas of limited mobility, fibromyalgia, postural problems, muscle spasm, and lower back stiffness or pain. It is also highly beneficial in reducing pain and discomfort in conditions such as whiplash, and after a fall or an injury.

Deep tissue massage may help to:

Relax stiff muscles to restore pain free movement

Reduce muscle tension and chronic pain

Relieve stress

Un-lock tight muscles 

This deeper style of massage may sometimes cause some soreness during, or in the days following the massage. This is simply the muscles releasing stored tension and toxins and will fade within a few days.



Massage - experience, qualifications and further qualifications!

Posted by Sadie Weller on May 28, 2012 at 6:30 PM Comments comments (21)

Hi all,

Hope you have enjoyed the recent sunshine?  It's great for stress relief!  However, failing that, there is always massage ;-)

As many of you know, I am fully qualified in Body Massage, having studied the Internationally recognised IIHHT VCTC qualification for a full year (along with the required Anatomy and Phyisiology of course).  I have also updated my skills with workshop courses on NMT, Trigger Points, and Pregnancy Massage. 

I have experience spanning 10 years and am confident with the varying techniques.

I am about to build on these foundatons further with the addition of Hot Stone Massage and Myofascial Release.  And later on, Lymphatic Drainage, is also on the cards.

These additions will allow me to tailor treatments even more and to help with deeper, more specific problems clients may have.

I am always happy to discuss my training with you and how my massage and other treatments may help you, so please never be afraid to ask for some time to chat.  I would need to schedule in anything more than a usual consultation, but it's a service I can offer to ensure clients are completely happy with me and my therapies, so do let me know if you would like that time.

I hope to see you soon.




Posted by Sadie Weller on May 14, 2012 at 6:20 AM Comments comments (0)

OK.....so it was a nice weekend, and how many of us went out gardening??  I know I did!!  

And now I am in need of some massage therapy myself!  I will be booking in, so I'm here to remind you all to do the same!

Regular massage helps the muscles to recover and eases any tightness.

Appointments are available most evenings and weekends, and sometimes during the day mid week by arrangement.  

And it's Holistic Sunday this weekend - grab a reduced price treatment at this regular event run by me.  I offer free refreshments for before or after - (you can arrive early or stay longer), extending your "me time" and enhancing the treatment.


Posted by Sadie Weller on May 8, 2012 at 12:40 PM Comments comments (18)

May the 12th is Fibromyalgia Awareness Day.

Did you know that Massage can be a real help with this condition?

Reiki can also be of help, and the two combined, even better!

If you suffer or know anyone who does, then please let me know. I am researching it at the moment with a view to trying to help sufferers more, and any input would be great.

Later on I will post the price and details of a special treatment I have devised for sufferers. xx

Back Pain Revelation! ;-)

Posted by Sadie Weller on May 2, 2012 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (0)

As a therapist who performs a fair few massages in a month, I fully understand the importance of keeping my own skeleton and joints in good working order. I am therefore a regular at my local Chiropractic clinic. My monthly trip to the Chiropractor keeps me well, and any problems are ironed out – sometimes literally it feels (!!), with manipulation and some deep tissue massage (ahhhh….).

On my most recent visit though, I had an area of my upper back that was being particularly stubborn and took the Chiropractor a good few attempts to sort. It was a different area to any usual issues I had and was rather stiff. The relief once he did sort it though was rather incredible!

So, not being one to leave things alone, I started to wonder what had caused this issue? I thought about any other issues I have felt recently and realised that I had sometimes had some stiffness and mild pain in my wrists, hands and forearms. This can’t be from massage, I thought, as I hadn’t done anything different, so what was it??

Then, I remembered something someone said to me recently and I realised…it was potentially my mobile phone! I had moved on from the standard phone, to be apparently cool and trendy, with a super shiny Samsung Galaxy S II Smart Phone. Oh how I love the fact I can get onto all my social media accounts so quickly and keep in touch with any potential bookings immediately! However, there are also then Apps, such as Draw Something, that are easy to get hooked on! And then, before you know it, you are spending most of your day, or night, with your shoulders hunched and your arms, wrists and fingers in unusual and repetitive movements and positions. Now it’s starting to become clear! This stiffness in my upper back and the stiffness and mild pain in my wrists and arms is from my phone! The price of social media is now clear.

I think I am going to devise a new massage routine – The Smart Phone Massage! Seriously though, if you are feeling these effects too, then massage can really help. I can adapt a massage to suit the body parts that need it; The Smart Phone Massage may well therefore entail, back, neck and shoulders, forearms, wrists and hands ;-)

The Benefits of Negative Ions with Himalayan Salt Lamps

Posted by Sadie Weller on April 30, 2012 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (34)

Cast your imagination for a minute or two to one of the following scenarios….

By the sea

At the top of a mountain

The calm just after a thunderstorm

Remember the feeling? The majority of people often feel refreshed after a storm has passed (the comment about the air clearing springs to mind), or when by the sea, or in the mountains.

This feeling is caused by negative ions in the air. The sea, mountain air, thunderstorms etc all bring negative ions into the air, making us feel better – clearer of mind and revived.

Computers, Televisions etc put out positive ions which can be detrimental to health, making us feel lethargic, stressed, depressed etc. Changing the atmosphere to introduce negative ions into you general life, can help to reduce these feelings and so making you feel better.

This can be done by introducing Salt Lamps into your environment. Natural Himalayan Salt lamps look exceptionally soothing to the eye, which is therapeutic in itself, but the warmth of the lamp sends out negative ions counter-acting those positive ones from your television or computer, giving you a better atmosphere to breathe and be in.

Pure Escape sells these beneficial Salt Lamps. The most popular size is 2-3kg. Salt Lamps are sold by average weight. They are a natural product and so their height, width and shape will vary. A 2-3kg lamp retails at £18-£20, however, as I am placing an order this week (likely to be Tuesday), and bulk orders save me postage, anyone who orders this time can have one for £16! The lamp includes electrical fitting and bulb, and I will deliver locally too.

If you would like one, then please let me know ASAP.

I also sell other salt products, so if anything else is of interest, just let me know.

Get some negative ions into your life and feel the difference……

Holistic Sunday - Sunday 29th April

Posted by Sadie Weller on April 24, 2012 at 5:20 AM Comments comments (0)

I am holding the next Holistic Sunday this weekend. Book your slot of "me time relaxing therapy" asap :-)

Treatment prices reduced as usual - why not try something new? My packages combine the best of things - try Back to Calm to get your back ready for the summer and release back, neck and shoulder muscles at the same time!

The most popular treatment on Holistic Sunday is usually the Back, Neck and Shoulder massage. A simple, but very essential tretament for back pain, stiffness, tight muscles, headaches or general relaxation. Relaxation is a required therapy in itself remember :-) Back, Neck and Shoulder massage is usually £16.50, but is reduced to just £13.50 on Holistic Sunday!

Hope to see you soon.

Sadie x

Holistic Sunday - 15th April

Posted by Sadie Weller on April 10, 2012 at 5:50 AM Comments comments (18)

I am holding the next Holistic Sunday this weekend.  Numerous bookings already in, so grab your slot of "me time relaxing therapy" asap :-)

Treatment prices reduced as usual - why not try something new?  My packages combine the best of things - try Back to Calm to get your back ready for the summer and release back, neck and shoulder muscles at the same time!  Or Walking on Cloud Nine to pamper your feet before sandals are worn (includes a relaxing foot and leg massage).

The most popular treatment on Holistic Sunday is usually the Back, Neck and Shoulder massage.  A simple, but very essential tretament for back pain, stiffness, tight muscles, headaches or general relaxation. Relaxation is a required therapy in itself remember :-)  Back, Neck and Shoulder massage is usually £16.50, but is reduced to just £13.50 on Holistic Sunday!

Hope to see you soon.

Sadie x