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The Benefits of Negative Ions with Himalayan Salt Lamps

Posted by Sadie Weller on April 30, 2012 at 7:30 PM

Cast your imagination for a minute or two to one of the following scenarios….

By the sea

At the top of a mountain

The calm just after a thunderstorm

Remember the feeling? The majority of people often feel refreshed after a storm has passed (the comment about the air clearing springs to mind), or when by the sea, or in the mountains.

This feeling is caused by negative ions in the air. The sea, mountain air, thunderstorms etc all bring negative ions into the air, making us feel better – clearer of mind and revived.

Computers, Televisions etc put out positive ions which can be detrimental to health, making us feel lethargic, stressed, depressed etc. Changing the atmosphere to introduce negative ions into you general life, can help to reduce these feelings and so making you feel better.

This can be done by introducing Salt Lamps into your environment. Natural Himalayan Salt lamps look exceptionally soothing to the eye, which is therapeutic in itself, but the warmth of the lamp sends out negative ions counter-acting those positive ones from your television or computer, giving you a better atmosphere to breathe and be in.

Pure Escape sells these beneficial Salt Lamps. The most popular size is 2-3kg. Salt Lamps are sold by average weight. They are a natural product and so their height, width and shape will vary. A 2-3kg lamp retails at £18-£20, however, as I am placing an order this week (likely to be Tuesday), and bulk orders save me postage, anyone who orders this time can have one for £16! The lamp includes electrical fitting and bulb, and I will deliver locally too.

If you would like one, then please let me know ASAP.

I also sell other salt products, so if anything else is of interest, just let me know.

Get some negative ions into your life and feel the difference……

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