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Back Pain Revelation! ;-)

Posted by Sadie Weller on May 2, 2012 at 9:40 AM

As a therapist who performs a fair few massages in a month, I fully understand the importance of keeping my own skeleton and joints in good working order. I am therefore a regular at my local Chiropractic clinic. My monthly trip to the Chiropractor keeps me well, and any problems are ironed out – sometimes literally it feels (!!), with manipulation and some deep tissue massage (ahhhh….).

On my most recent visit though, I had an area of my upper back that was being particularly stubborn and took the Chiropractor a good few attempts to sort. It was a different area to any usual issues I had and was rather stiff. The relief once he did sort it though was rather incredible!

So, not being one to leave things alone, I started to wonder what had caused this issue? I thought about any other issues I have felt recently and realised that I had sometimes had some stiffness and mild pain in my wrists, hands and forearms. This can’t be from massage, I thought, as I hadn’t done anything different, so what was it??

Then, I remembered something someone said to me recently and I realised…it was potentially my mobile phone! I had moved on from the standard phone, to be apparently cool and trendy, with a super shiny Samsung Galaxy S II Smart Phone. Oh how I love the fact I can get onto all my social media accounts so quickly and keep in touch with any potential bookings immediately! However, there are also then Apps, such as Draw Something, that are easy to get hooked on! And then, before you know it, you are spending most of your day, or night, with your shoulders hunched and your arms, wrists and fingers in unusual and repetitive movements and positions. Now it’s starting to become clear! This stiffness in my upper back and the stiffness and mild pain in my wrists and arms is from my phone! The price of social media is now clear.

I think I am going to devise a new massage routine – The Smart Phone Massage! Seriously though, if you are feeling these effects too, then massage can really help. I can adapt a massage to suit the body parts that need it; The Smart Phone Massage may well therefore entail, back, neck and shoulders, forearms, wrists and hands ;-)

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