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Stress and the therapy for it!

Posted by Sadie Weller on March 29, 2012 at 4:55 PM

Oh, yes, even the most die-hard devoted therapist gets stressed sometimes, and this week has been hectic for me to say the least!!! So, I took my own advice (I practice what I preach you see!), and booked in for an impromptu massage of my own.  Oh what a difference it made! :-)

Sometimes, life is busy.  We have problems to deal with and solve, issues that impact on our valuable family time, work deadlines, financial pressures - and today - queues at petrol stations!  All these pressures can lead to some element of stress.  

Do your muscles feel tight and tense?  Can you feel something in your shoulder blades?  Does it feel like your shoulders are near your ears and not down where they should be?  Is your neck tight and aching?  Have you developed tension headaches?  Do you feel tired, run down or lacking in energy and enthusiasm?

Then get yourself booked in for some therapy - Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reiki, Ear Candles - or maybe you fancy a soothing facial or a "bacial" (a back treatment - "Back to Calm" with Pure Escape). Whatever you book, it will give you that vauable time to switch off.  

You don't need to talk to me unless you want to, so use the time to not have to think about conversation, and really clear your mind.

If you can't get in for a treatment, then a little bit of TLC to the Solar Plexus area can do wonders. Place your hands over the area (above the navel, below the heart) and rest the hands there for a while.  The colour yellow relates to the solar plexus chakra, so try visualising the opening of a yellow flower, or a lovely light spinning over the area.  Breathe long, deep breathes and relax the mind.  Wearing something yellow can help and if you like crystals (as I do), then any of the yellow coloured crystals could help (try topaz, citrine or amber). Hold the crystal over the solar plexus, or just keep one nearby to hold onto in the palm of your hand when stressful situations occur, and try to close your mind to the ill effects of stress.  The mind can be a most powerful tool.

Until my next post - stay happy, and remember where I am if you need some therapeutic therapy :-)

Sadie xx

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