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Meditation Workshops, Guided Meditation sessions, Professional Massage,  Ear Candles and Reiki Healing

About the Therapist

Sadie Weller is a fully qualified holistic therapist.  Starting out in 2001 with the Internationally recognised IIHHT qualification in Swedish Body Massage and Anatomy and Physiology, at Dunstable College,  she went on to gain qualifications in many more therapies over the following few years.  Studying again in Dunstable and then in various specialist establishments in Windsor, York, Coventry, Hemel Hempstead, Richmond, Central London, Leicester and Scarborough, Sadie developed a repertoire of both well known, and lesser known, treatments and styles which are adapted to suit individual clients needs.  Qualifications are for Massage (including Advanced techniques of Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy and Trigger Point Therapy), Indian Head Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Hot and Cold Stone Therapy, Ear Candles (Thermo Auricular Therapy), Holistic Facials, Reiki (including Seichem Healing), Body Brushing/Exfoliation, and Teaching Meditation.  (not all of the therapies listed are offered, so please check)

Although having also taken some courses in Beauty, her heart and interest lies greatly in treatments that provide real results and pure relaxation and well-being - Pure Holistic Therapies. 

Sadie is driven by providing the highest standard of treatment and care, ensuring every client gets the best experience possible.  The treatments are bespoke to each individuals needs.  

I hope to see you soon.



Pure Escape/Sadie Weller cannot diagnose any medical ailment and does not claim to cure any medical conditions.  Any information given on this website, or by any other means from Pure Escape, is information only, and by no means a substitute for medical advice, and should not be seen as such.  Medical treatments should not be discontinued without the advice of your doctor.

Pure Escape reserves the right to refuse a treatment, and may refer a client to a doctor for advice before performing some treatments for which the client may be contra-indicated against.  Treatment in these cases cannot commence until written consent from a doctor is sought and given to Pure Escape.  This is for the protection of both client and therapist. 

Our Promise:

Pure Escape will only ever have the best intentions.  Your well-being is of utmost importance and professional standards will always be adhered to.  

Pure Escape respects and maintains client confidentiality.


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