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Let the wonderful therapy of massage soothe those knotted muscles, and de stress the mind....

A massage from Pure Escape breaks the boundaries and defies all limits......

A typical massage may utilise some, or all of the following techniques:

* Myofascial Release (an amazing technique working on the fascia that surrounds muscles) 

* Swedish Massage (soothing and muscle releasing, aswell as extremely de-stressing)

* Deep Tissue Massage (fantastic for those deeper knots and also surprisingly relaxing)

* Neuromuscular and Trigger Point Therapy (to sort out those little niggles!  Also, assists with areas of referred pain)

* Hot and Cold Stone Therapy (available for an additional fee)

At Pure Escape, you pay for the amount of time you require.  No longer are you restricted to a "30 Minute Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage" or "An Hour Full Body Massage". If you would like an hour on your back, neck and shoulders, then that's fine.  Half an hour on the legs, no problem.  We discuss your needs together and I perform the techniques that will suit you best.  

Welcome to a new way of massage..... 

 Massage is a highly effective therapy, potentially relieving stress, tension, anxiety, muscle tightness, pain, headaches, circulatory problems and aiding general relaxation and well-being.

Benefits of massage include, the release of tension and toxins from tired and aching muscles, and encouraging the body to release mental, physical and emotional tension.  The circulation is stimulated, thus carrying oxygen and nutrients more effectively around the body.  The Lymphatic system is also stimulated, nourishing cells and carrying waste products out of the body, helping to defend the body against infection.

Massage stimulates the natural healing mechanisms to restore and maintain good health.

Many clients say that a massage treatment helps to reduce stress and anxiety, fatigue and insomnia, increases circulation, releases tense muscles, and helps them if they are dieting or detoxing (due to the stimulation of lymphatic drainage).

Sadie is also qualified for Massage during Pregnancy.  

Massage Prices 

30 minutes £20.00

40 minutes £25.00  

60 minutes £30.00 



 Indian Head Massage

From the ancient healing system Ayurveda, this treatment focuses on vital energy points, and is a great tension reliever. The 3 upper Chakra's are balanced, then the upper back, shoulders, neck, arms, scalp and face are massaged to de-stress and calm  The treatment may help to reduce headaches, sinus problems, scalp tension, hair condition, neck and shoulder tension, and aid restful sleep.

40-45 mins £25.00

Hot Stone Massage

Using basalt stones that retain the heat amazingly, and glide over the body, a hot stone massage works deeply into the muscles, in the most soothing of ways.  Cold stones are also used to help treat in areas where they are needed.

30 minutes £30.00

40 minutes £35.00  

60 minutes £40.00 

Please note; this is a professional Holistic/Complementary Therapy.  

Massage by Pure Escape is not a sensual or sexual service, and no additional services are offered.  

Naturist/nude massage or un-draped massage ARE NOT offered at Pure Escape.


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