Pure Escape Holistic Therapies and Meditation

Meditation Workshops, Guided Meditation sessions, Professional Massage,  Ear Candles and Reiki Healing

Trust in the world of Holistic & Complementary Therapy with these amazing treatments.....

Therapies offered by Pure Escape are more than just a treatment.  The aim is to create a bespoke treatment to not only relax the person, but to heal, rejuvenate, calm and renew.  

Qualifications have been carefully chosen and studied to provide amazing alternative therapies to help deal with many ailments.  You can come to Pure Escape "just because", you can come "to relax", or to "de-stress", or you can come because you feel "out of sorts", or for aches and pains.  

You can come for that bad back you don't seem to be able to find any relief from, those migraine headaches that put you on hold, that tightness in your calf muscle, the pain in your shoulder.  

 I can't diagnose or give you a guarantee of a complete cure, but I will give it my best shot with the various therapies, and advanced techniques I offer.  What have you got to lose?  


Massage Therapy

Ear Candles

Reiki Healing 

Advanced Healing









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